Xiaflex Treats Penile Curvature And Peyronie’s Disease By Injections

By on December 17, 2013

auxiliumlogosmAmericans company have developed a new drug to help men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. The drug Xiaflex was created by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals who say that their new product can help cure patients from Peyronies‘, which is a condition that causes men’s penis to bend so much that it is hard for them to have sexual intercourse.

Around five to ten percent of the male population has Peyronie’s disease in some extent, fortunately only for a very small number it is causing any real problem. Sometimes the condition comes from practising too hard sex which causes traumas and results in scar tissue building up on the penis. Xiaflex treatment works to break the scar tissue and reduce curvature.

Xiaflex was not really created for Peyronie’s patients, instead it was first made to help people with Dupuytren’s contracture, which is a condition where patients cannot straighten out their fingers. The procedure consists of injections and also surgery, which makes it somewhat risky. FDA only allows well trained doctors to use Xiaflex treatment.

Peyronie’s disease got this name after the physician who first described the condition – F. G. de la Peyronie. There are quite a few treatment methods used to relieve the symptoms, including injections, laser surgery, stretching, electrical treatments and vacuum devices. Surgery has been the best known treatment until now, but since it has negative side effects like penis shortening or erectile dysfunction, men are hesitant to have it done. Peyronies is still serious to many men, especially if it makes most sexual activities impossible for them to do.

Peyronies DeviceAs a urologist Ryan Berglund form the Cleveland Clinic said, we may make fun of the problem, but for someone suffering from it, it is devastating, especially if they are trying to establish a new relationship or are already in one. Not managing to perform sexually makes it hard on these men.

Only patients with curvature of 30% or over will be recommended Xiaflex. Also, it will not be cheap, 8 sessions will cost over $3,000. After giving an announcement about their successful trials, the shares of Auxilium went up.

However, other experts are not as optimistic about Xiafles, as it probably will not remove the whole problem and can only reduce the angle of the curvature. Auxilium representative James Tursi said that men should abstain from sex for two weeks after treatment.

1,044 patients took part in clinical trials and five of them experienced penile rupture when going through a Xiafles session.

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