SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review and Facts

By on August 6, 2013

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a device that allows men to achieve an increase in penis size, length, and girth quickly, easily, and safely. It is non-invasive and non-surgical, and can be used by men of all ages.

The SizeGenetics kit is a penis lengthening product manufactured by Permanda Ltd., a company from the UK.  For the past 16 years, SizeGenetics have helped men achieve the penis length and size that they desire.

How Does it Work?

The SizeGenetics system works by penis traction. When you attach the device to your penis, it allows a constant and steady traction (pull) on your penis, which stimulates the penile tissue to create new cells, eventually making your penis physically bigger and longer.

It is the same idea behind body building: through constant strain on the muscles, micro tears are formed, and the muscles compensate by multiplying and creating new tissue, eventually making the muscles bigger and stronger.

On the SizeGenetics website, they have a very cool penis size calculator (click here) where you can calculate the increase in length and girth that your penis can achieve, so that you can have an idea of how much penile growth to expect.

Scientific Evidence

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and if you want to see the actual photographic proof of men who have used the SizeGenetics system and have benefit from doing so, visit their Before-After page on their website:

Is it Safe?

According to their website, the SizeGenetics system is complete safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. What’s more, their patented 16-Way Comfort Tech System makes you that you feel comfortable wearing the SizeGenetics system even for long periods of time.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Effective, safe to use, easy to purchase, quick and discreet delivery, quick results (results may vary depending on the individual). It is classified as a class 1 device, meaning the materials that the device is made from are strong, durable, and safe.

Cons: The website only guarantees results for the basic package and the Ultimate system, so if you’re purchasing the device only package, you will not receive any guarantees from the company.

Peyronie’s Disease

SizeGenetics penis extender is medical type 1 device, its effectiveness and importance in treating Peyronie’s disease have led to it being used by medical and sexual health professionals as a way to treat the condition.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition where muscles of the penis is curved, and it can cause discomfort and pain in many men. Using traction, the SizeGenetics Peyronie’s device will physically “pull” a curved penis to become straight, thus reducing pain and discomfort, and giving men a higher level of confidence during sex. Read more about it here.

User Reviews

There are a multitude of private user reviews available on the website

What’s more, the SizeGenetics kit has also been endorsed and reviewed positively by the media, such as the world-renowned men’s magazine GQ (May 2008 Issue), by Tim Shaw, the host of the television show “Extreme Male Beauty”, and Jonathan Ross Show on BBC1

Medical Endorsements

The Sizegenetics penis extender is actively endorsed by several medical professionals and doctors, men who are quite well-known in their field. To name but a few, the product is endorsed by Dr Michael Carter ( a leading psychologist in sexual relationships), Dr Finn Worm (a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and Dr Jorn Ege Siana (director and founder of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Germany and Denmark).

The SizeGenetics company offers three package options:

The first package is the basic, device only package. They offer the SizeGenetics device, which is padded cuff that you attach to your penis, as well as their patented 16-Way Comfort Tech System to attach to the device. They also offer an instructional DVD so that you can use your SizeGenetics product properly. It also comes with some spare parts (in case you lose one of the weights), as well as a 180-day guarantee. The package comes in a handsome leather case so that you can store your SizeGenetics device in style. The basic device package retails for $349.95.

For those who are looking for a cheaper, more economical option, or for those who want to try the SizeGenetics products before fully committing themselves, they can choose the budget option. It comes with a “budget” version of the SizeGenetics device, as well as a simple instruction DVD. However, the website does not guarantee that it will perform as effectively as the original SizeGenetics device. This package does not come with any guarantee. It retails for $199.95.

SizeGenetics Ultimate SystemFinally, for those who are in the market for the best, you might want to take a look at the Ultimate System. Not only will you get the original SizeGenetics device, the 16-Way Comfort Tech System, instructional DVD and the luxury leather case that comes with the basic package, the Ultimate System also comes chockfull of goodies and freebies. You also get a travel case for your system, PenisHealth DVDs, a Revita Cream, a Traction powder, device wipes to keep your device clean and sanitary, and LoveCentria Online DVDs! This package comes with the 180-day guarantee. If you order from their website itself, you can even get a $50 off voucher coupon that you can use while purchasing your SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

Which SizeGenetics package would you choose?

Click here and see how SizeGenetics can help you

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