Phallosan Penis Extender: A Review

By on November 13, 2013

What is It?

In 1999, Orbisan Ltd. came out with Phallosan, a penis stretching product designed to increase the length and girth of the penis safely. Phallosan is a non-invasive, non-surgical method to help men who want to make their penis longer and bigger, without resorting to painful or dangerous methods.

The Phallosan kit comes with the Phallosan forte device, which is a sleeve and a cap designed to be placed over the penis. All the materials are very strong and durable, and safe to use. The cap comes in three sizes, depending on how big the glans of the penis is.

It also comes with the strap and ring device, so that you can wear the Phallosan system comfortably.

How does it Work?

Unlike many other penis extender systems available on the market, Phallosan works by stretching via suction. When you wear the Phallosan system, the device applies a gentle and continuous stretching stimulus to your penis. The force is gentle, but constant, and you will barely notice the vacuum sensation. The Phallosan system works on the entire penis, and will start with the glans.

Scientific Evidence

Even thought the Phallosan device employs a different method from other available penis extenders, it still works on the same principal: traction.
Through traction, the tissues of the penis multiply and divide, which results in a longer, bigger penis.

It is Safe?

The Phallosan has been categorized as a class I medical product by the European medical authorities, which means that it is both safe to use, and very durable. It meets with all medical requirements.

It is guaranteed to be painless, and can be worn at night, as the device guarantees that blood circulation will not be impeded. The Phallosan system can also be worn for 10 hours (other stretchers on the market can only be worn for a maximum of 6 hours). The unique design of the Phallosan also guarantees that it will not accidentally fall off the user.

Pros and Cons


  • Safe to use
  • Painless
  • Guaranteed to be effective
  • Design guarantees user comfort
  • Discreet delivery
  • Can be worn under normal clothes


  • Expensive (starting price is $299)
  • User review garnered 72/100 score

Medical Endorsements

  • The Phallosan has been featured in different men’s health and medical magazines, such as:
  • Medical Tribune (February 2005 issue)
  • Medical Practice: Urology and Nephrology (May-June 2003 issue)
  • Men’s Health (November 2002)
  • BILD- Zeitung
  • Men’s Health (June 2009)

It has also been featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, year 2006, page 77, in a study entitled: “Prospective Study on the Effects of a Penile Stretching System (PHALLOSAN) for penile augmentation in patients with normal-sized penises”.

Peyronie’s Disease

Unfortunately, the Phallosan system does not seem be of much help for people who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. User reviews have found it ineffective in correcting slight curvature to the penis.

User Reviews

As a penis extender, Phallosan has garnered very high reviews from online users, who report being very satisfied with the product. Many men have reported being more sexually satisfied and confident, and have been more than happy to report that they have achieved a noticeable increase in both penile size and length.

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