Penis Pumps – Vacuum vs Water Based Pumps

By on August 5, 2013
hydro pumps vs air based penis pumps

For a variety of reasons such as erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement, men sometimes turn to penis pumps to improve the quality and duration of their erection or increase the size of their penis. Penis pumps are also used as a part of a treatment plan for conditions such as Peyronie’s disease and they can also be used for men who have had prostate cancer or are going through penile rehabilitation (due to having prostatectomy). Whatever the reason is, there are different kinds of penis pumps:

  • Vacuum based pumps
  • Water based pumps (also known as hydro penis pumps)

Vacuum based penis pumps

vacuum based penis pumpsConventional air pumps are generally used for penile dysfunction conditions. Commonly used to treat impotence, these pumps work to help a man achieve and maintain an erection. Made with a circular tube that is placed on the penis, these types of pumps create a vacuum that engorges the penis with blood. The result is an erection from just enough pressure placed onto the penis. Generally, the vacuum that creates the conditions for the erection finds the weak spots in the penis that otherwise works against normal function. Continued pumping can help men obtain a strong erection that lasts. However, the constant motion required to pump could lead to tissue damage.

There are many different conventional air pump models available for use. Prices of each pump vary based on the brand and features. A basic type is the penis pump that has a simple bulb. Using the hand to squeeze the bulb removes excess air from the pump.

Water based penis pumps 

water based penis pumps

Water based pumps work in a different way, water rather than air, is used to send blood towards the penis to attain an erection. Hydro pumps typically offer a simpler process for achieving and maintaining an erection and they have better acceptance than vacuum based pumps. What makes water pumps more effective than air pumps is that water doesn’t compress the penis the same way that air does. Rather, hydro pumps distribute pressure more evenly.

The way hydro pumps is through the use of warm water, which is known as warmth therapy. Warm water fills the pump before it is placed over the penis. This is usually done while sitting in a warm bath or during a shower. Penile tissue is warmed to help facilitate tissue stretching.

Warm water helps to soothe the penis and enhance muscle growth. The cylinder is pumped to force out all of the water and allow blood to flow into the penis.

There are 2 main brands of water based hydro pumps, BathMate and Penomet. We have compared both of them here: Read Review

What makes hydro pumps better than vacuum based pumps?

Unlike a conventional air pump, use of a hydro pump may not cause tissue damage since constant pumping is not necessary.

Final thoughts

Some doctors may recommend hydro pumps for erectile dysfunction since these devices encourage a natural reaction. If a man suffers from Erectile Dysfunction because of stress, for instance, using a hydro pump may help him relax. Likewise, Peyronie’s disease may respond better to use of a hydro pump, which minimizes pain a man experiences with the disease. Also, this condition is not permanent in every case and use of the pump may help to maintain penis length.

When you compare the conventional air pump alongside the hydro pump, it appears that the hydro pump is the preferred method. However, the final decision depends on the man’s medical condition and reasons for wanting to use a penis pump.

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