How Penis Desensitizer Sprays and Creams Work

By on July 14, 2013

For many men who suffer from premature ejaculation, one of the easiest ways to overcome this condition (assuming that there are no physical or psychological problems that could lead to this condition) is to apply a kind of penis desensitizing product.

What are they?

Penis desensitizers are generally creams, gels, or sprays (usually the most popular, as they are the most easily applied) that is applied to the penis to lessen the stimuli that the nerves in the penis feel during sex.

How do they work?

Most over-the-counter penis desensitizers contain lidocaine, which is a common anesthetic. Some products may contain benzocaine. These compounds numb the nerves found in the penis. There are products such as the Stud 100 which are used as a topical spray, which means that the compound stays just on the surface of the skin. There are also products such as Promescent (review here) which are absorbed into the subcutaneous layer of the penis.

These products can be applied to the head and shaft of the penis directly, and are usually applied around 10-15 minutes before intercourse begins.

Penis desensitizing products that are topical in nature are generally used together with condoms so that the compound is not accidentally transferred to the partner.

Promescent spray

What are the advantages of using such products?

Penis desensitizing products were once used to treat men who suffered from premature ejaculation, or from rapid ejaculation syndrome. Men who experienced premature ejaculation typically ejaculated in under a minute from when intercourse started, while men who experienced rapid ejaculation lasted more than a minute, but rarely more than three. Those who suffer from either condition report that their sexual relationship with their partner often become affected and strained, and that they themselves experience anxiety, stress, and embarrassment over their sexual performance.

Since it is usually hypersensitivity of the penis to stimuli that causes premature or rapid ejaculation, penis desensitizing products can help these men improve their sexual performance by delaying their climax. Many couples who want their sexual encounters to last longer have also been known to use penis desensitizing products.

How to choose the right one for you?

There are so many penis desensitizing products available on the market that one would be hard-pressed to choose the right one for them! Depending on your budget (for example, Promescent (official website) is more expensive compared to Stud 100 (official website)), preference (sprays, creams, or gels), or even health-related issues (some people have been known to be allergic to benzocaine, and can experience side effects such as itching, swelling, and rashes), you can effectively choose the right penis desensitizing product for you.

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