Fork Found in The Penis of a 70- year old

By on September 8, 2013

Doctors in Canberra had to remove a 10-centimeter long fork from a penis of a 70-year-old elderly man after a weird sexual mishap. The man came to the emergency department of the Canberra Hospital with a bleeding penis.

He said that he had put the 10cm fork into the urethra about 12 hours before arriving to the hospital because he was trying to get sexual gratification by doing so. However, the fork got stuck in there.

While the utensil couldn’t be seen from the outside, doctors could feel it there and they used X-rays to see the exact position.

A few different retrieval options were considered by doctors, but in the end they decided to pull out the fork using lubrication and forceps. The patient was put under general anesthetic. After the procedure, the man was sent home.

Since this was a very rare medical emergency, the three doctors working on the case published it last month in The International Journal of Surgery.

The report, „An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body“, said that it was not common to find foreign objects inserted in the urinary tract. The paper went on to describe other strange items found inside people’s body parts, including pencils, needles, allen keys, wire, light bulbs, toothbrushes, plants, thermometers, leeches, cocaine, vegetables, snakes and even glue.

surgical-operation-to-remove-form-from-a-mans-penisAuthors wrote that apparently the human mind is creative and uninhibited.

Doctors Maurice Mulcahy, Amanda Chung and Krishanth Naidu published the case involving the fork in an attempt to promote discussion among medical professionals as the odd and infrequent event of having a patient with a fork inserted in their penile urethra creates some management challenges for the hospital.

The doctors also found it hard to comprehend the motives behind inserting this kind of objects into a region that sensitive.

They said that this practice is used mostly during pathological masturbation, accompanied with intoxication, substance abuse and also as a result of other psychological conditions.

Auto-erotic stimulation by self inserting different foreign objects into the urethra has been around for a long time and urologists have faced this unusual problem before, however not frequently.

Doctors also said the patients are often embarrassed and instead of going to the emergency room, attempt to get the item out themselves, which puts them at risk of getting urethral injury or even further migration of the object.

Infection that leads to death is the biggest danger, patients are too ashamed and delay medical intervention as long as possible.

When these situations happen, doctors avoid surgery if possible and choose another option that minimizes urethral damage and allows the patient to keep his erectile function.

The authors of the paper stated that foreign objects inserted in the male urethra are very rare, but occasionally general surgeons still face the situation.

Even though this type of insertion is not common, according to the published work any kind of objects are known to be inserted

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