EjectDelay Desensitizing Gel Review – Does It Work?

By on November 13, 2013

Premature Ejaculation has been a problem for men for a long time. Millions of men suffer from it and it affects their lives more or less. Fortunately, now there are several treatment options available and some are very effective. Today we will review EjectDelay (www.EjectDelay.com), which is an over the counter desensitizing gel.

What Is EjectDelay

does eject delat gel workThis is a gel that is applied to the shaft and head of the penis minutes before having sex. Benzocaine in the product works as an anaesthetic that improves control over ejaculation. According to the manufacturer, it reduces the urgency to climax without taking away sexual pleasure.

Here are some of the main benefits of the product:

  • Better control over ejaculation
  • Can be used with a condom or without
  • Safe to use
  • FDA compliant

How Does It Work?

Like most other desensitizing creams, gels and sprays, EjectDelay contains an anaesthetic that takes away some of the feeling in the penis. While it does give you more control over your ejaculation, it also makes you less sensitive and can have the same effect on your partner because it doesn’t absorb into the skin that well. However, being able to have sex longer may make up for this – it’s a matter of personal preference.

EjectDelay comes in a gel form. It should be applied around 15-20 minutes before intercourse and washed off afterwards.

Safety Information And Side Effects

EjectDelay is FDA compliant which means it is safe to use and doesn’t have any long term side effects. Although there could be some issues due to the non-absorbing gel – it can cause the woman to lose sensitivity as well when she comes in contact with the gel, especially if it hasn’t been rubbed in well or when too much is used.

Side effects are rare but include headache, dizziness, fast heart rate, breathing problems, skin irritation, swelling, blistering and other signs of infection. If any of this happen, discontinue use at once and consult your doctor.

It is very dangerous if EjectDelay gel comes in contact with the mouth or throat and can cause a life threatening condition. No oral sex after applying the gel!

Where To Buy EjectDelay

EjectDelay doesn’t require a prescription and you can order it online where it is sold by Innovus Pharma. A tube with 2 ounces of gel costs $19.99, however it is not specified how much of the gel you should use and how long does one tube last.

What Kind Of Results To Expect

The active ingredient in the gel is benzocaine which can delay ejaculation up to 3-4 minutes or even more, depending on the severity of your problem and how much gel you use. However, it is not recommended to use too much as it may have the same desensitizing effect on your partner.

Is There A Better Option?

While EjectDelay looks good and is a promising product, it is still relatively new in the market and there are not too many user reviews available. Still, from what we can see and read about the product, the fact that it doesn’t absorb well could be a problem for some couples. So in that regard it’s similar to Stud100 spray – doesn’t absorb.

We recommend to have a look Promescent desensitizing spray instead. Promescent absorbs completely and doesn’t have any effect on your partner, allowing the both of you enjoy sex more (and longer) than you did before.

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