Alternative Methods to Delay Ejaculation

By on June 23, 2013

There is a huge market out there that targets men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. This market offers everything from medication, to sprays and creams, to sexual health therapy with professionals. However, if you want to take matters into your own hands (no pun intended) and you want to be able to overcome your condition without having to resort to drugs or therapy, there are alternative methods that you may want to try to be able to help you delay your ejaculation.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are normally associated with women, but did you know that doing Kegel exercises can benefit men as well?

Kegel exercises are exercises that target the pubococcygeous (PC) muscles in men. These muscles, which are found in the genital region, are used to control urine flow. Studies have shown that you can also use these muscles to control the flow of ejaculate from your body. Theoretically, this technique can allow you to climax without releasing semen. This also means that you will have no refractory period (i.e., resting time), so you can achieve a male multiple climax.

To be able to perform a Kegel exercise, you need to squeeze your PC muscles. Done correctly, you will feel the squeezing motion in your penis, anus, and scrotum. The sensation is similar tp the feeling you get when you try to stave off urinating. To be able to practice this, you can try interrupting your urine flow while in the bathroom. Experts recommend performing Kegel exercises ten times a day, holding your PC muscles for 30 seconds during each rep. Squeeze your PC muscles, then slowly release after 10 seconds each time.

Over time, this will help you gain better control your over PC muscles, thus giving you better control over your ejaculation during sex.

Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga is known to be yoga that’s specifically designed to help you improve your sexual performance, including increasing your ejaculation latency period. One of the most important aspects of tantric yoga is helping you control your breathing during sex. When you breathe rapid and shallow breaths, this helps arouse and excite you. By slowing down and controlling your breaths, you help calm yourself. This results in delayed ejaculation. What’s more, focusing on your breathing will help take your mind off your sexual activity.

Tantric yoga also teaches you that there is a connection between breathing and energy. When you’re ready to climax, it’s often accompanied by a feeling of pent up energy ready to be released. When you exhale, you can delay ejaculation by releasing a deep roar. Try to envision this roar as the pent up energy in your penis, pelvis, and scrotum exiting you. This mental image can help delay ejaculation as well.

If you are able, you can also try pelvis strengthening exercises, similar to those you perform when performing Kegel exercise. You should feel that you are targeting the same group of muscles. Remember, a strong pelvis can help improve your sexual performance, lower anxiety, and lengthen your ejaculation latency period!


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