17 Fun And Not So Fun Facts About Penises

By on December 15, 2013

tree-with-a-penisSome men know their penises better than they know themselves, it is their most interesting body part and one that brings them the most pleasure (and trouble) in life. But every penis is different and there are so many odd facts related to this organ. Below are 17 facts related to penises, some of them are funny some are quite scary.

  1. It can get nervous. Has it ever happened to you that you want to pee so bad but nothing comes out? Usually this happens when you use a public bathroom and there are other men in there with you. This anxiety can affect 1 in 10 men.
  2. Koro or Penis Panic. This is a weird syndrome where men are overcome with fear that their penis is shrinking and in time will disappear completely. This never happens, but yet thousands of men are living in hysteria caused by this feeling.
  3. Penis was first a clitoris. In the womb, every fetus has a clitoris before the hormones kick in and boys’ clitoris grows into a penis.
  4. The largest penis. This belongs to the blue whale and is up to 10 feet long and 14 inches in girth. The whale can ejaculate as much as 16 litres!
  5. Smoking makes the penis shorter. If you smoke regularly for years, your penis gets one centimetre shorter. If you don’t quite in the fear of lung cancer, do it for the little guy.
  6. Most penises curve to the left. There is no real explanation to the phenomenon. Almost all penises curve slightly to the left, never to the right.
  7. Kellogg’s purpose. Not many people know that Kelloggs Corn Flakes was originally created to cure masturbation. By food intake, the manufacturers hoped that the heat will be kept out of the penis and there would be no need to masturbate.
  8. Semen is low calorie. There are only around 7 calories in a cup of semen…..not that it’s a recommended dietary choice for weight watchers.
  9. Foreskin can grow 23,000 square meters. Well, not while still attached to you… Doctors use it to grow skin to burn victims. Amazing how they can get 23,000 square meters of skin out of just one foreskin from one circumcised baby.
  10. Men have short orgasms. Women can enjoy orgasm for 23 seconds, men only 6. Talk about women’s rights…
  11. Semen can cure depression. It contains three antidepressants. So if you can’t afford those pills or don’t want to visit a shrink, maybe this fact can help you out.
  12. A penis can break. No, it’s not a myth. Erect penises do break. In fact, around 200 American and 40 British penises break every year. Usually this either happens due to violent sex, but often it’s also caused by falling out of bed with an erect penis.
  13. Diphallus. Around 100 men in the world have 2 penises. Unfortunately, most of the time only one is functional.
  14. The largest human penis. It was medically verified to be 13.5 inches long, 6.25 inches wide.
  15. Angel lust. This is an erection that happens after death, when a man has been hanged.
  16. 7,200 ejaculations. An average men ejaculates 7,200 times in his lifetime, 2,000 of these are from masturbation. Is this really the case or should be the other way around.
  17. 11 erections per day. A man usually has around 11 erections each day, including 9 while he is sleeping.

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